Vintage style jewellery

Today I thought I’d show off a necklace that I made last week, in honour of my birthday! I made this fun, vintage style charm necklace in my favourite aqua colour to wear on ‘the big day’.
I haven’t made many new pieces recently so it was a good excuse to get ‘beady’ again ;)

aqua_marina1(sorry the light is not brilliant for photography today, so it’s probably not seen at it’s best and I haven’t got a pic of me wearing it either, so you’ll have to ‘enjoy’ my necklace mannequin doing her bit!)

I love the quirky, mixy-matchy feel of the different charms and crystals and beady goodness. Mostly collected from other vintage pieces, the crystals are Swarovski from my local beading haunts: Bijoux Beads and Shiney Rocks, both in Bath, and there are plenty of yummy bits and bobs that I even used from other items of jewellery I’ve hoarded/ found.
I especially like the perched birdie charm (seen on the left there!) which came from Cards & Craft, here, and also the Egyptian hieroglyph charm – in the middle next to the dragonfly. It’s called an ‘ankh’ and it means ‘key of life’ apparently. Hubby bought it for me (before we were married) as a pair of earrings, when he went on a work trip to Las Vegas, but I managed to lose one and have been looking for the right project for this one to find itself a new home.

Aqua_marina2I like to name as many of my jewellery pieces as I can (though it’s not always easy!) but it’s fun when they just speak to you, like an artist’s canvas or a sculptor’s bronze might. This one is called Aqua Marina, after the retro 60s TV show ‘Stingray’ which featured a song about some kind of underwater-girl called Aqua Marina. I’m not sure that she was a mermaid but she was suitably mesmerising, and I hope she did not lure any of the Stingray heroes to a miserable mishap on the rocks ;)
Check out the YouTube link here.

Here’s another close-up of my Aqua Marina, with another cute charm I had to include – it’s the Eiffel Tower. Cute!

Well that’s it for now. Will have some cards to share later – come back then as I’ll be kicking off a regular feature on the blog! Rx

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  • Jean Martin

    Oooh wow Ruth! This is gorgeous! Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on my blog. I just love comments. They inspire me to do better each time. I’m going to go look around your blog now! :)