Cute panda alert – Madrid update

Hi again
So I promised some photos from our weekend visit to Madrid… Just a handful for your delectation and delight ;)

On Saturday we visited the Palais Real.
Yes, we thought. “A Real Palace. It really, really is a real palace!” And then we realised that Real translates from Spanish to Royal. Doh! Spanish is not my best continental European language, sorry.
It is hot and sunny (maybe close to 30C) and we are mad English people out in the noon-day sun. Good thing I had taken my shawl to protect my shoulders ;)
After this photo-op, we went on a tour of the Palais, so got to cool off.
Sunday we were off to Madrid Zoo. The highlight of the trip to see the resident pandas, including little Po and De De. They are twins, born early last September.

First, here is their dad, Bing Xing, relaxing in the shade with a bit of bamboo.
Omn, nom, nom.


In the indoor area, Po was having a laze when we arrived.
Time to wake up snoozy cub, your fans are waiting, hehe….

Po and De De both were put outside by the keeper, after milk-time…
And that means it’s time to play!

madrid zoo_pandas_po_dedemadrid zoo panda cubs Po and DeDe
De De is more relaxed and ready to take life easy, but Po is a more lively, rambunctious character who always wants to play, chase around and climb!

It is so fun to watch their personalities emerge ;)

madrid zoo Panda cub Po

And I couldn’t leave you without a mention of the gorgeous Spanish food. In the evening we went out for more amazing tapas. Mouth-watering:
That’s all then folks. Look out in the future you might just see more of my photos cropping up on a scrapbook page or two ;)
See you soon, Rx

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  • laura

    ack! the pandas are ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Awesome pandas!! And that tapas looks tasty, glad you had a fab time :-)