Quick owl card!

Hi all… hope you are well
I have been having a busy week – more of that in a moment.

First let me share a quick card I made for a work friend’s birthday…
She’s bonkers for owls and her name begins with ‘L’. What more do you need to know?!
cute owl card I have to say one of my favourite things about this card is the fun ribbon ruffle. Just created by gathering up a row of stitches along one length of the organza ribbon, and layering a strip of patterned paper over the top.

I have been busy with some other crafty goodness too – need to photograph my cards then will be able to share asap! And I picked up a new delivery from the post office this week, with some PTI goodies that I have been saving up for. Yay! Can’t wait to play with those this weekend too ;)
It’s a nice treat that I thought I would indulge in being as my crafty purchases will have to be a little reined in over the coming months…. (she said, cryptically…)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve hinted here and there at some mad stuff going on in life that have squeezed my crafting priorities to one side a bit. Well, it’s been still busy this week too.
You see, today was my last day in my job. “All change!”
It’s all been a big upheaval in the decision making, and will take some getting used to with new routine until I can find a new job.
Which won’t be long I hope! Eeepp!

Anyhoo, enough of that – I’ll have more cards to share soon including a Sketch-On-Saturday idea tomorrow. I’m excited about this one… I hope you’ll like it too!
Byeee, Rx



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  • http://www.amonthofsundays.co.uk Lara

    Hey Ruth – firstly, didn’t know you had a blog! Love your owly banner, obvs. And thank you for the card :)
    Secondly – I’m sorry I didn’t get to say bye. I didn’t really know what was going on on our floor and suddenly you weren’t there. Good luck with whatever the future holds. xx

  • http://pauline-littlemrsp.blogspot.com/ Pauline

    This is gorgeous Ruth, love the ruffled ribbon, and the sweet little owl.

  • http://rockwelldesignsblog.com/ Jackie R.

    I hit enter on the keyboard before I could say something about your last day at your job. Change can be difficult, I have been going through some changes as well so I can empathize. I’m sure you will get a job soon and it will be even better than the one that just ended. :)

  • http://rockwelldesignsblog.com/ Jackie R.

    It is great how you customized this card for your friend! Love the little blue photo turn! Hope you have a fantastic weekend Ruth!!!