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So I somehow didn’t get inspired enough to create a sketch for today, and Sketch-On-Saturday went awry, but I have been very busy in the creative zone. Creating more Christmas cards (which I’ll share over the next day or two!) but also finishing off a little project to organise my Nesties better!

I had the idea for this a few weeks ago and with my materials gathered together, I started last weekend. Wanna see the grand reveal? Here it is!

Spellbinders Nestabilities storage organisationI took the glass out of a few mismatched picture frames and painted them with acryclic paints. I mixed up an aqua, light jade green and white, and just roughly painted the frames so they all have a rustic, not-all-together-blended look, to keep with the fact that the frame styles aren’t matching.
While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled over a good dusting of Glamour Dust for a fabby glittery finish. Shame it doesn’t show up in my photo!

Then I picked out some fun papers from my stash and used redline tape to fix some strips cut from magnetic sheets to the backboards of each frame.
I wish afterwards that I’d planned the positions of where my Nesties would ‘sit’ on the magnetic strips so I could have optimised the positions for the strips to hold the Nesties in place. Some of the die sets needed a bit of extra magnetic strip to make sure they stay secure, but I’m really pleased with how they’ve come out.
I spent this morning hanging them on the wall above my craft desk so now my Nesties are all orgainsed and within easy reach – and of course you’ll notice too that I made sure to leave plenty of space (even a spare frame!) for more Nestie sets to expand my collection!!! Hehe!

Back soon with lots of card ideas to share, take care, Rx

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  • Deborah

    Ruth, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

    Up until my new system implementation, I had all of my Nesties on three magnetic knife holders, but I outgrew that and had taken to putting the rest of them in plastic baggies and hanging them up using those Clip-It-Up clips. I like your framed solution – decorative AND functional!

  • Pauline

    I love this idea Ruth, it makes a lot of sense! I have all my spellbinders in a big box, and I have tonrummage for ages to find what I want to use! This is a much more organised way to access the dies, and I bet he frames are lovely and glittery in real life too!