Craft room overhaul

Hi bloggy friends… hope you are well!
So I’ve had a week really lacking in crafting :( and sadly that is set to continue for a few days yet….

I have been making great in-roads into the (ever-present) mission towards re-organising (or should that just be “organising”?!!!) my craft space. Spurred into action by the fact that we have had some work done in the house this week by the electricians replacing our kithcen lighting. Hmm, doesn’t sound like the two would be connected, except when you realise that our kitchen is on basement level, directly below our hallway and, significantly, the study room where I have my crafty den.

And it transpired that they needed to have the floorboards of those rooms up to access the lighting circuits of the kitchen below. (Are you keeping up with this saga?)
We had been afraid this might happen… thanks to shoddy DIY work of former house owners, and also to a degree, because of the house layout – it’s an 1870s-built terrace.

So here’s what my craft room looks like, as it meant everything has had to be packed up and moved:

Craft room overhaul (yes: piled up in the front room, along with assorted other furnitures etc from the kitchen and study room)… and you can’t even see the stuff that’s hiding behind the door… down to my left where I’m standing there’s more crates of stuff stacked up.. etc etc…

… and where it should belong…. this is before they took up most of those floorboards, and you can’t see either that the tall bookcase (slim Billy by IKEA) which usually stands in that farcorner had to be emptied and moved out too. Fortuntely the other half of the room – ro the right- didn’t need emptying, just piled high with more stuff as the carpet was rolled right over!) :

Craft room overhaul

Yes. So not exactly much scope for letting the mojo free here.

But it will give me a much-needed boost towards purging, sorting and organising a much more effective crafty corner when it all goes back into it’s rightful ‘home’!
Will keep you posted and be sure to share pics of the new re-vamped creative zone ;)

Meanwhile, hope you fit in some happy crafting time. Think of me, ‘wading’ through the dust, haha! Rx

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