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Hi again all..

So from my frequency of posting recently, you’d be forgiven for thinking there has not been much making going on here at JustSomeStuffIMade HQ… Sorry for beingmissing-in-action… but at least there still has been action going on around here!

You see, in August my brother had his lovely wife had a baby – a wonderful little boy, James Toby. He was very tiny – just 4lb 1oz, but is doing well.

I managed to take some time off work and go and visit them, and get a bit of cuddle time ;)

James Toby new baby arrival

On the crafty note then… James arrived a couple of weeks earlier than expected so I was super-busy trying to finish the baby sampler picture I had been cross stitching for him. I have never stitched something so fast I think, trying to get it finished as soon as possible to catch up with his early arrival!
Luckily, I had a card up my sleeve already, which I could send asap when he arrived. In haste I never took a photo, oops!

Anyway, here it is, still at the framer now so they will have it soon I hope. The nursery is a cute woodland theme so when I found this design (by The Stitching Shed) I was really chuffed! And I added James’ details myself. (Sorry for the shadowy pic and the fact I didn’t iron it before I took the photo – I was in a hurry to get to work!)

cross stitch baby sampler woodland Stitching Shed

Up to then for a good few months, I had been squeezing in a bit of other cross stitching here and there too – a birthday present for my mum. I put the finishing stitches into this one this week too, so yesterday it went off to be framed too ;)

cross stitch rabbit springitme The World of Cross Stitching magazine

The pattern is from a back issue of The World of Cross Stitching magazine – a very excellent magazine if I say so. Well, I am a little biased I guess – I am the Editor of it!
(Though I wasn’t back when this design was featured. I’m lucky enough to have access to the archive designs of couse).
I chose it as mum keeps bunnies, and I think even one of them looks especially like this little cutie! I hope she’ll like it ;)

There you go then… a little update with what has been going on round here lately.
See you later alligators! Rx

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  • Ruth S

    You are welcome – I can’t wait til it is back from the framer and I can send it you! I think it will look so cute in his nursery x

  • justsomestuffimade

    You are welcome – I can’t wait til it is back from the framer and I can send it you! I think it will look so cute in his nursery x

  • Chris Spolton

    Thank you again for James’ lovely cross stitch picture! Also liking the bunny and daffodils, very nice :-)