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**  This is my second post for the day! Scroll down to see my birthday butterfly card ;)  **

Thanks for stopping by again… I thought I’d update you a bit as I’ve been sorting out some blog updates here at JustSomeStuffIMade HQ…. (with big thanks to my brother for tech wizardry!)
Apart from the cute footer bar images that I’ve designed to match my header, which you’ll see on each post now (what’s not to like about those?!)….

….. I’ve also switched the comment system for my blog too. I’ve moved over to Disqus as I was just being so deluged with spam it was getting ridiculous. I was very disapppointed that most days I was getting just under 3000 spam comments and there were very few days that the spammers could actually be bothered to go the extra mile and get past that 3000 barrier. I mean they managed it a couple of times a week, but it seems pathetic that they couldn’t try harder and reach the milestone more often, don’t you agree? ;)
Well, having to deal with that much spam takes time away from actual visiting and commenting on your lovely blogs so I just upgraded to the Disqus system – WHICH IS A GAZILLION TIMES BETTER for spam filtering, I will add, if you’re listening Mr WordPress. No spam at all so far. And no messy CAPTCHA needed, either.

So, here’s the thing… to leave a comment here now you will need a Disqus account – but that’s ok, it’s easy and quick and will mean you can leave comments on any blog which has the Disqus comment plug-in. (Increasingly common, I’ve been finding, as I can now spend lots more time getting down my reader list and leaving comments for you!!)
Register today, peeps!

Meanwhile another quick bit of cuteness to enjoy…. couldn’t resist sharing this sweet fellow from Pinterest (here’s my boards - including a board full of pandas. Seriously, folks, how can you resist them?)

“Byeee!”Wave for the camera

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  • Ruth S

    I know – it was taking forever to wade through them all and get to the occasional ‘real’ comment! x

  • Chris Spolton

    That is a crazy amount of spam, how on earth were you supposed to filter out the good comments?! Great panda pic!