Birthday cards

Hi there

So I have some birthday cards to share with you – but (unusually) none I have made…
You see it was my birthday yesterday so I wanted to take a photo of all my beautiful cards and flowers ;)

birthday cards flowers 40Here’s a quick shot – it was a bit of a job to fit them all in so some are stacked on the floor in front of the fireplace!
And I didn’t even include all the flowers, as there’s another vase full, down in the kitchen. (The eagle-eyed among you may have even noticed from some of those cards that it was a big birthday ;) )

On Saturday we threw a big party here so I am still feeling a bit wiped out by all the frivolities, and I haven’t had chance to do much in the way of crafting for a couple of days. I certainly have a good number of thank you cards to make in the next few days!!!

I am so lucky. Very blessed to have wonderfully kind family and friends. Sending my thanks to everyone – I know only a couple read my blog, but still…
I wanted to make sure I took this time to journal and remember this special day. Hopefully I’ll scrapbook the pics another time too, for my album.

Big hugs, Rx

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