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Hello creative pals <get comfy and settle in… photo heavy post!! >
Well someone has been quite “generous” and turned up the treadmill speed for my life… things got a bit busy around here!! So that’s meant not quite so much time for crafting.

Except to say, that the crafting I have been doing has been work-related, for various magazine commissions, so I can’t really share specifics about those, sorry! (Will promise to fill you in when they are all published.)
All other spare time has been swallowed up in the general chaos, haha!

Meanwhile, I have been doing a few of the creative bits and bobs that fit around my usual cardmaking exploits. It’s not so often that I get to talk about those here.
I enjoy a lot of crafts – cross stitch (of course, especially being the Editor of a cross stitching magazine!!), knitting, scrapbooking, embroidery, jewellery making, patchwork and quilting, and occasionally dressmaking too… I sometimes think it would be easier to list the crafts I don’t enjoy ;)
The cross stitch and knitting are what I do most often in between papery crafts – easier to pick up and do just some little bits when less time allows, also I take my knitting and stitching to the Craft Club I run.

Inspired by the lack of cards to share, and also by the lovely Claire at Waltzing Mouse Stamps, who lately shared a stunning quilt she’d made in days gone by, I thought I’d share a few pics of recent non-card projects coming out of Justsomestuffimade HQ.

cross stitch Lavender and Lace Lady of the ThreadThis is my latest cross stitch project which I actually finished just last week – this one’s been a WIP (Work-in-Progress) for many many months. Due to its size, also the denim-colour fabric is not so easy to stitch on, so slower going than usual. I love the rich shading though ;)  It’s by a design studio called Lavender and Lace, called ‘Lady of the Thread‘ – can you see she is enjoying a spot of cross stitch herself?

Here’s a pair of socks that I finished knitting (last night, yay!) This pattern is called ‘Monkey’, featuring a pretty leafy, lacy design, by a well-known sock pattern designer named Cookie A.  See the pattern here on Ravelry.

monkey socks kniting CookieA

The yarn is a semi-solid hand-dyed, so there’s not a huge variation in colours, to show off the fancy pattern to the max – sorry can’t remember where I got the yarn :(
I think if I were doing these again, I’d knit one (maybe two?) fewer pattern repeats in the leg of the pattern to make them a little shorter. Nice though – they’re one of the best fitting knitted sock pairs I have (and this is saying something, but I won’t bore you with the difficult intricacies I have with tailoring sock patterns for perfect fit!)

monkey socks kniting CookieA

Apols for the weird angle!! Lesson learned: it's hard to take pics of your own feet ;)

It’s not been a very easy pattern for me, thus progress hasn’t been overly fast, but I prefer knitting socks to larger items (with the exception of shawls, perhaps), so it’s been good for the challenge.
I think I’ll be picking out some yarn from the stasheroo for another shawl next ;)

Here’s a scrappy double-page layout I did a few weeks ago. I’ve been enjoying watching the birds come to my garden lately, and it reminded me of some pics I’d taken around the same time from a couple of years ago. (Turns out when I checked back to date the page, they’re from late May 2010!!)

scrapbook layout double-page birds

scrapbook layout double-page birds

Here’s some closeups of the birdie pics in my LOs…

scrapbook layout double-page birds

Mr Blackbird (who ususlly visits with his lady-wife), loves the ivy berries

scrapbook layout double-page birds

The little sparrows perch on the roof of our old bomb shelter, waiting a turn at the feeders

Yesterday, my rose – which you can see in some of the photos – opened its buds for this year’s blooms. Love it ;)
It was fun to layer up lots of floral patterns and embellies for this page:

scrapbook layout double-page birds

Love pretty, old foreign stamps - perfect accents for my collagey look ;)

Off now then to carry on the Christmassy card commission – just 4 more cards to make now before my deadline so that will be ok.

It’s been fun tohave a break and share some non-card projects though – do you enjoy other crafts (or have you in the past?) Do let me know, and maybe share a few pics on your blog… I’d love to come and visit!
Happy crafty times. See you soon pals, Rx

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  • Chris Spolton

    Very crafty! It looks like you’ve been very busy.